• We only accept originals (unpublished material, in any medium –– yes, this includes your blog),
  • We accept simultaneous subs –– please withdraw your piece if it has been accepted elsewhere,
  • Please note our house style (capitalisation, use of expression marks, lack of indent for paras, etc) –– if accepted, your piece will be edited according to our house style without further consultation; 
  • Please read the specific guidelines of the section to which you intend to apply. You will find more specific information there,
  • IMPORTANT: Use ONLY the allocated space in the form to add a short bio that the editors will see if the piece is accepted. Remove all personal information from all other fields and the file (this includes the title of the file). Make sure you comply with our anonymity policy or your piece will be unsubmitted.


  • The author is fully responsible for clearing © for all material submitted,
  • We do not provide feedback for rejected pieces –– we won't tell you how to write, but some things might just not be for us,
  • Don’t be discouraged from submitting something else in the future. Our anonymity policy guarantees that we reject pieces and not people.
Sections calendar:
  • All other sections remain open all year long. 
  • How long do you take to answer? — Please allow 4-12 weeks for an answer (times vary according to the section, and time of the year).
  • Why are your submissions anonymous? — In order to guarantee a fair treatment for everyone. We aren't interested in your publication history, how many mags you edit, how good you think you are, why you think we should publish you. In other words: we aren't interested in you or the fantastic cover letters you very likely write — we are interested in your work. We welcome new and established talent but we expect everyone to play by these simple and rather commonsensical rules.
  • What sort of stuff are you after? What sort of stuff you don't publish? — Read the guidelines for the section you intend to submit to. Read the magazine. 
  • Do you pay? — Not at this time. The magazine is funded by the editors and the (very) few donations that we get. We don't charge a reading fee. We will always be free. But we don't have resources to pay you at this time. If money is what you are after there are many publications that pay. A career in investment banking might be a better idea. 
  • Should I email to follow up or suggest edits RE my submission? — No, please, as this interferes with our anonymity policy. We answer all subs in due time. If you need to edit a piece just withdraw it and submit again. 
  • But one of my poems has been accepted elsewhere! How can I tell you? — Tell us here. 
  • Do you accept pitches? — Not really. Just submit the whole thing once you have written it. 
  • Do you commission work? — Over 90% of our content comes from unsolicited subs. Occasionally we do commission work from past contributors.  
Ends in 4 days, 9 hours
Submit here fiction and flash fiction pieces. As we are an online publication we prefer pieces up to 4,000 words. 

Please format your submission in 12-point font, with double spacing. No funky fonts

We have a very clear agenda when it comes to fiction and we suggest you familiarise with the section before submitting. We constantly reject well-written pieces, simply because they do not fit our vision.

What we want. We want outstanding writing that challenges, provokes, enthrals and fascinates us and our readers. We embrace difference and particularly welcome voices from the margins — people or characters who aren't part of dominant narratives — outsiders, or those who live at an angle to the world. Bear in mind these can be your characters; they don't have to be you (we don't know who you are, by the way, as this is an anonymous submission). 

What we do not want. We have had a surplus of — and so are putting a moratorium on — fiction about white American men in their 20s–60s which focuses on gasoline, cigarettes, whiskey, fighting, sitting around, dogs, the military. If you insist on sending us stories about these topics and about this type of character, please make it satire.

Due to the large amount of subs we receive it might take our editors up to 12 weeks to respond to your submission. Please be patient.

In this section we welcome critical writing, creative non-fiction, photographic, video and visual essays. 

We are looking for unpretentious, sharp, critical pieces — critical can be understood in a subjective sense too. We are particularly keen in pieces that bring visibility to topics and practices that may not receive attention in the mainstream arts and culture media. 

We also welcome images and writings from artists that reflect in an exploratory way on things like creative process, and the conceptual, subjective and intellectual underpinnings of a practice. We do not accept submissions in the form of images without accompanying text.

We welcome photographic and video essays exploring dealing with unusual subjects. All photographic or video essays must be accompanied by a text contextualising the project. 

As always, to get a good idea of what we publish check out the section. 
In this section we welcome articles and profiles of an informative albeit critical nature. 

We are are particularly keen in writing that brings visibility to topics and practices that may not receive attention in the mainstream arts and culture media. Of particular interest for this section: independent publishers and record labels; independent and outsider artists; underground musical, theatre, and literary festivals; reports on any kind of collective deserving attention and fitting within our ethos of promoting difference; writing on filmmakers/films/festivals; reports on world events deserving the attention of our readers. 

This is a new section and it will grow out of the confluence of different voices. Feel free to be innovative and to take risks. 
We welcome genre-shattering prose exploring all aspects of experimentation. Have a look through our section to get an idea of what we like to publish. 

IMPORTANT: Please note that as we are an online publication — in order to guarantee readability across devices — we are limited by what we can do with our layout; a piece with complicated form or long lines, for example, might not look the same way on mobile, tablet or a desktop computer. We prefer work that is conceived with this in mind. 

That said, we do accept experimental that explores form but we reserve the right to publish this type of piece as a PDF file, without further consultation. 

We are particularly keen in conversations that bring visibility to topics, people, and practices that may not receive attention in the mainstream arts and culture media. We welcome interviews with writers, artists, filmmakers, poets, outsiders, freaks, and anybody you think might be relevant to minor literature[s].

There is no need to anonymise the submitted document. But please DO NOT add personal information on the cover letter field. 

PLEASE NOTE: do not use the interviews section to propose we interview you. It is frankly — how to say this — weird. 
We only welcome reviews that deal with books published within the last yearIn the case of translations, we accept newly released translations of previously published books provided your book does not fall under the category of longstanding ‘classic’.
For any other book-related writing consider a full length essay and submit to the appropriate section.

IMPORTANT: Do not send us whole your whole manuscript for us to review or find a suitable reviewer.

Please note we would prefer titles from smaller/independent presses and new authors. We are not currently accepting reviews of self-published books.  

We are open in regards to genre but it would be helpful to acquaint yourself with Minor Literature[s] as a whole before submitting — we are unlikely to accept reviews of books with mainstream or on-trend storylines (i.e. straightforward romance/post-apocalyptic YA, etc).