• We only accept original material (unpublished in any medium);
  • We accept simultaneous subs –– please withdraw your piece if it has been accepted elsewhere;
  • Please submit pieces in the corresponding form; if a current section is closed for subs and you submit in another section your piece will be rejected;
  • Please note our house style (capitalisation, use of expression marks, lack of indent for paras, etc) –– if accepted, your piece will be edited according to our house style without further consultation.
    • Use ONLY the allocated space in the form to add a short bio. 
    • Please follow this format (in 3rd person): name, relevant work, place of residence, fform of contact (Twitter handle preferred),
    • Remove all personal information from all other fields and the file (this includes the title of the file). Make sure you comply with our anonymity policy or your piece will be unsubmitted.


  • How long do you take to answer? — Please allow 4-12 weeks for an answer (times vary according to the section, and time of the year).
  • Why are your submissions anonymous? — In order to guarantee a fair treatment for everyone, and to guarantee a safe working environment for both authors and editors. It might seem impersonal at times, but it is the fastest, most transparent, and most direct way to get things done. 
  • Do you pay? — No, we don't. 
  • Why don't you pay? — We are a cooperative and not for profit project funded solely by the editors. We don't charge for submissions, receive funding or donations, or run ads. In other words: we have no money. And we want to keep it like this: cooperative, voluntary, independent, and non-pecuniary. Our sole objective remains from day one to platform work that we think deserves attention. 
  • What happens with the rights of my piece? — For anything published on our website © remains solely with you — we just host your piece. You are free to publish your piece anywhere you want after publishing with us, whether it is for commercial reasons or not. We ask that if you publish your piece elsewhere you attribute our first publication, but this is not a legal requirement, just a matter of courtesy. You can withdraw your piece for whatever reason you want to as well; we would prefer to have it for ever but as it is your piece, this is your call. 
  • Should I email to follow up or suggest edits re. my submission? — No please, as this interferes with our anonymity policy. We answer all subs in due time. If you need to edit a piece just withdraw it and submit again. 
  • Do you accept pitches? — We only accept final versions of full pieces.
  • Do you provide feedback for rejected pieces? — Due to the amount of submissions we receive we aren't in a position to give feedback. And if we were we wouldn't find ourselves comfortable telling you how to write — we can just say if something is for us or not. We ask you to please respect this and do not solicit feedback if we have decided not to publish your piece this time. 
  • I am a publisher / press / writer and I have a new book out — can I send you a review copy? — If you are a writer or publisher and would like to see your work reviewed, the best course of action is for you to find someone who might give it a fair review and then submit to us via this submission manager. If it's a fair and comprehensive review, that adjusts to our style and tone we are happy to look at it. As submissions are anonymous there is no conflict of interests. Alternatively you might get in touch with us regarding your title. The book will be put on a list and sent to our regular reviewers. Should someone want to review it we will get back to you and request a review copy. Our pool of reviewers is limited so we would prefer the first option. 
  • What should I expect of the publishing process? How will the editors contact me and how can I contact the editors once my piece is accepted? — Once a piece is accepted an editor will contact you and take your piece to publication, working edits with you, if these are required. (As stated above, no further communication should be expected for rejected pieces beyond the rejection notice.) Note: In order to provide a comfortable, safe, and transparent working environment, all magazine-related communication between editors and authors is carried out over email only — if you approach the magazine via any other channel you will be directed to our email.
  • I am a publisher / magazine / blog / etc and want to reproduce one of your pieces. What should I do? — contact the author directly as © remains with the author. Most people are online these days. No, we can't pass you on their details.

Please acquaint yourself with Minor Literature[s] as a whole before submitting. 

We only welcome reviews that deal with books published within the last year. In the case of translations, we accept newly released translations of previously published books provided your book does not fall under the category of longstanding ‘classic’. 

Reviews for the UNTRANSLATED section can be of books published any time, as long as a version is not available in English. 

Please note we would prefer titles from smaller/independent presses and new authors and that we are not currently accepting reviews of self-published books.

IMPORTANT: Please do not use this form to submit review copies or unpublished manuscripts. 

Disclaimer: The author is fully responsible for clearing © for all material submitted. The editors reserve the right to taken down any piece that for whatever reason they feel is detrimental to the project.  
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We are particularly keen in conversations that bring visibility to topics, people, and practices that may not receive attention in the mainstream arts and culture media. We welcome interviews with writers, artists, filmmakers, poets, outsiders, freaks, and anybody you think might be relevant to minor literature[s].

There is no need to anonymise the submitted document. But please DO NOT add personal information on the cover letter field. 

PLEASE NOTE: do not use the interviews section to propose we interview you. It is frankly — how to say this — weird. 

Disclaimer: The author is fully responsible for clearing © for all material submitted. The editors reserve the right to take down any piece that for whatever reason they feel is detrimental to the project.  

Have you read our general guidelines?

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