• We only accept original material;
  • We only accept full pieces — no pitches, please;
  • We accept simultaneous subs; please withdraw your piece if it has been accepted elsewhere;
  • Please submit pieces in the corresponding form; if a current section is closed for subs and you submit in another section your piece will be rejected without reading it;
  • Please note our house style (capitalisation, use of expression marks, lack of indent for paras, etc) –– if accepted, your piece will be edited according to our house style without further consultation.
  • Use the allocated space in the form to add a short bio . Please follow this format (in 3rd person): name, relevant work, place of residence, form of contact, if desired — Twitter handle preferred.


  • How long do you take to answer? — Please allow 4-12 weeks for an answer (times vary according to the section, and time of the year).
  • Do you pay? — We don't. We are a collaborative and not-for-profit project funded solely by the editors, who also volunteer their time for free. We don’t charge for submissions, receive funding or donations, or run ads. In other words: we have no money. And we want to keep it like this: cooperative, voluntary, independent, and outside of the logic of the market / industry. 
  • What happens with the rights of my piece? — For anything published on our website © remains solely with you — we just host your piece. You are free to publish your piece anywhere you want after publishing with us, whether it is for commercial reasons or not. We ask that if you publish your piece elsewhere you consider attributing our first publication. You can withdraw your piece from our magazine for whatever reason you want to as well; we would prefer to have it for ever but as it is your piece, this is your call; no need to explain why.
  • Do you provide feedback for rejected pieces? — Due to the amount of submissions we receive we aren't in a position to give feedback. And if we were we wouldn't find ourselves comfortable telling you how to write.  
  • What should I expect of the publishing process? How will the editors contact me and how can I contact the editors once my piece is accepted? — Once a piece is accepted an editor will contact you and take your piece to publication, working edits with you, if these are required.  Note: In order to provide a comfortable, safe, and transparent working environment, all magazine-related communication between editors and authors is carried out over email only.
  • I want to reproduce one of your pieces. What should I do? — contact the author directly as © remains with the author. If the author wants to be contacted they will have included details in their bio. If these details aren't there we can't provide them for you, in order to respect the author's wishes. 
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Submit fiction here. Maximum wordcount 5000 words, though the shorter the better. Please only submit one piece.

What we want: Idiosyncratic and original writing that will challenge, provoke, and enthral us and our readers. We embrace difference and welcome, most of all, voices from the margins – people or characters who aren't part of dominant narratives – voices of resistance and protest, outsiders, and those who might live at an angle to the world. Bear in mind these can be your characters – they don't have to be you.

We're afraid we don't currently take science fiction, fantasy or horror. 

Please format your submission in 12 point font (ideally Times New Roman), with double spacing.

Please note: 

Due to the large amount of subs we receive, and the fact we work on a voluntary basis, it might take our editors between 3-4 months to respond to your submission. We appreciate your patience. 

Keep in my that we anticipate accepting only a small number of submissions – simultaneous submission are fine, but please contact the editor if your work is accepted elsewhere,

Disclaimer: The author is fully responsible for clearing © for all material submitted. The editors reserve the right to take down any piece that for whatever reason they feel is detrimental to the project. 

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